Monday, February 16, 2009

Keep on keepin' on...

Sorry for not posting for awhile... I'm trying to get caught up with everything, and with the baby on the way soon... everything has gotten side tracked. Anyways, everything is all good, and I am keeping up with my running fairly consistently. I have done two races for the year so far... a half marathon in Clearwater and a 5k in Wesley Chapel. The half marathon might have been my most enjoyable race ever, because everything came so easy to me and I was pacing someone else... so I wasn't giving it full effort, but it is something that I said I wanted to do at the end of last year... just run to run.... not always have to race. The 5k brought me a new PR, 19:30, and that was cool. I placed 2nd in my age group. The good thing about this is that I haven't been focusing on my speed at all. I have just been running easy for the most part, and I was able to still pull out a great time. So, basically that's it.... I am running at least 40 miles a week, and my goal is to maintain that mileage consistently..even when the baby comes ( I might be changing my tune in a few weeks tho :). As for upcoming races??? I don't know... I really, really want to do Gasparilla 1/2 marathon, but that is next Sunday, and if the baby hasn't come yet, I'm not doing it... Also, if the baby does come this week, I just don't know if I'm gonna be so tired that I will have a crummy race... I guess I will play it by ear. Thanks for reading.

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