Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's Taper Time!!!

Today was the last big training test for our marathon training. 22 miles starting at 5:30 am at the Downtown YMCA with the Blue Sharks. I must say that it didn't get off to a roaring start this morning, as Chris's watch and Ipod weren't charged, d/t something not working properly with his USB ports on his computer. He was not a happy camper. I offered him my watch to use, but he declined (I didn't really want to give it to him anyway, but it was the right thing to do... I know Chris will get a kick out of this when he reads this entry!!!) Anyways from that bad start, everything else went fantastic. I was especially happy for Chris, as he absolutely had his best training run by far, since he started training for the Disney Marathon. Actually at the end of the run (the last 2 miles) he was able to pick up the pace, which I was able to maintain, until the last 1/2 mile, where some switch went on in his brain, and he started flying... he was running the last 1/2 mile under 7:45/mile... at mile 21!!! I couldn't keep up with him. So, good for him....I guess he has better luck not using the watch!!! The first 11 miles of the run was done on Davis Island with the other Blue Shark runners, and was nice. We initially were planning to do the Davis Island loop again, but we decided to go on Bayshore and finish up the final 11 miles. The Bay was very dry and there was a bunch of marsh or something real ugly washed up close to the sidewalk, so it was not the typical beauty of Bayshore Blvd. that we are used to seeing. But the run was very nostalgic, as it brought us back to our first runs...close to 2 years ago now, when we were out of shape, out of breath after the 1/4 mile mark. And when we reached the point where we would usually start running, when we worked at our other clinic, we had already gotten to 14 miles in our run....we both got quiet when we realized it, and I think in Chris's head (and I know it was going on in mine) we gave ourselves a high five and a pat on the back for progressing our health and fitness to where we currently are today. A few seconds later, Chris said, "Would you ever think at that time, that you would be training for a marathon?" I quickly said, "No", and then we started talking and joking about other stuff again. Would you believe that we didn't even use our Ipods...just talking, joking about everything was enough to get us through our run... and it was awesome!!
So now it's taper time. This week was the most amount of miles that I have ever run (approx. 36 miles), and now it is time to cut back on our running and let our muscles and joints recover in preparation for the marathon, which is in 3 weeks!!!
For the most part my body feels good, but it doesn't mean that we don't run at all over the next few weeks. We just have to gradually run less than what we are used to running. I think I will run around 24 miles this upcoming week, and 18-20 during the week before the race. Good stuff!!!! Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!!! Time to start my Christmas shopping!!! (Typical guy, huh?)