Monday, January 28, 2008

Happy B-day Sweet girl!!!

This weekend was fantastic!!! My parents and in-laws were in town for my daughter's 5th Birthday party, and it was so nice to have the family here. Adryana's birthday party was a success, and she enjoyed it immensely. After the party, we had a lot of family time together... dancing, laughing and getting caught up on all types of stuff. On Sunday morning, it was back to running, and Chris and I got up early to do an 18 mile run around my neighborhood. We both had family in town, so we wanted to get the run done and out the way, so we could spend whatever time we had left with our families before they left. The run went very good, and it gave me the confidence of running a long time without anything bad happening. I didn't push myself at all during the run, and we still finished in under 3 hours without any problems. Back to Adryana.... great kid!!! She had a really stiff neck that she woke up with on Friday morning and she was extremely uncomfortable throughout the whole weekend, but she did not complain at all during her party, and she was such a trooper. Here are some pics from her big day:

My dad was down this weekend and he also ran on Sunday morning, just not as early as we did. He actually completed his 1st 13 mile run, in preparation for the Ft. Lauderdale half-marathon. I'm so proud of him, and the changes he has made in the physical aspects of his life over the last 3 months. Good job Dad!!! Keep up the good work!!!!