Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Interval Day

If anyone was to question my dedication to training for this race, I think it would have to be laid to rest today. It was extremely difficult to get out of bed this morning, and start running in the cold weather. Considering that I’ve never seen snow, and have only lived in Florida or Jamaica at any point in my life, I would consider having temperatures in the upper 30’s as bitter cold. And that is what it was today…brutal!!! I actually stepped outside, and quickly went back in and got a sweater to put over my long sleeve Underarmour shirt I was wearing. Once I turned on my watch and turned on the Ipod, I was ready to roll…. I forgot about the weather about 2 minutes into the run, and was ready to do some speed work. I ended up running ½ mile intervals, 10 of them, with a 30 second rest break in between each, trying to complete each interval in 3 minutes and 30 seconds. I was able to do that, which made me so happy! This is my last hard week of training, so I want to make it count, and really have everything go extremely well. Once I got back home, I took a shower, got something to eat, and started to work on some end of the quarter stuff for work. Later in the day, I went to Family Care and set up 3 new people on the Therafit Program….people are trying to get their act together for the New Year, which is pretty cool. I guess the most inspiring thing today at their office is that one of my clients had a death in her family this past week (which is terrible), but she still managed to do all of her workouts, and said that her workouts have allowed her to really keep sane through all of the trials that she has been dealing with. Exercising has been her escape. Earlier today, Kerry was commenting on how much more energy I have to do things around the house and help with stuff since I’ve been training for this race. There are so many great reasons to exercise, beside the obvious health benefits. I have a long day of work tomorrow, so I gotta help get the kids ready for bed and get some rest…

P.S. Tomorrow, I will address an injury…I’m just not sure which one yet… I’ve got 3 things that have happened to Disney Message Board folks, and 1 issue at the clinic yesterday that is running related, so I will think about it tonight, and report on one of them tomorrow…. See ya!!!!