Friday, January 25, 2008


The key to achieving most goals in life. I was just finishing up my last consultation of the day for fitness/weight loss, and my potential client asked me? “Why is your program better than any of the other programs, gyms, personal trainers that I have been affiliated with in the past?” My answer to her was “I honestly can’t say that this program is truly any better than anything you have ever tried. I personally think you can go to the gym, have a personal trainer, do other programs and have the potential to have the same amount of success or more than the Therafit program…. The key is consistency. Most people can’t stay consistent with anything that doesn’t have serious repercussions. We will go to work daily, because if we don’t, we won’t get a paycheck and our lights in our homes will be turned off, we will lose our modes of transportation, and other potentially bad things can happen. Honestly, if we don’t work out… who really cares?” It’s so interesting to see the different people that are in our program, and the array of different results that we get. We have had at least 6 clients lose over 50 lbs over the past 7 months, and we have had people lose…. You got it.. nothing!!!!! What is the difference? One person does the program, 3x/week consistently every week, and won’t miss their workouts for anything…The others might do one circuit regimen every month or two, and hope through the science of osmosis, and thinking about exercise, that pounds will magically fall off. It’s just not realistic for that to happen… I heard this saying from Pat Riley, “Hard work doesn’t guarantee you anything, but without it, you have no shot!” I so believe that…
Consistency brings results… Period.