Saturday, May 3, 2008

An even better prize this week!!!

This running is getting pretty fun...... and I really didn't even run today. Today was the May Classic, and as I said during my last post, we were part of a corporate challenge to see which local company could get the most people to participate in the race.... and we did!!! Yay!!!!! I think we finished up with 34 people who signed up officially under us, and we had a least 2 people that were former patients who were affiliated with us. It was a great showing!!! Thanks to everyone who came out to support us, but also to run the race!! All of our people did extremely well while running. Cheryl, Chris, Denise (who all work at the Wesley Chapel clinic) completed the 5k... and they all hit personal records (It's a personal record when you have never run a 5k before, right?) I'm so proud of them for coming out and trying hard and doing well. My little sweet girl (Adryana) really had a ball. She was a little shy and nervous at the beginning of the 1 mile fun run, so we walked for most of the 1st half. After that she wanted to run, so we split it up to where we would run to the stop sign, or some landmark etc. She did so well, and she was so excited at the end. She loves Denise's daughter and she hung around with her the whole time after the race. Unfortunately, she was sad when she had to go, but no crying...just bummed that it was all over. I got to meet a frequent blog reader, who is a friend of one of my former patients, so that was pretty cool. She has adopted the Chi Running concept and seems to be doing quite well with it. We had our Saddlebrook crew come out and do the race also. Remember the lady that passed me during the Disney Marathon??? Well she passed me again, but this time I was only running 1 mile, and she was running the 5k, go figure!!! There are so many other current and former patients that were out there and did a wonderful job, that I just wanted to give a little shout out to you guys for working hard, training and finishing strong.
So here are a few pics from the race:

Me and sweet girl with the Corporate Challenge Award:

Cheryl, 2 of her sons and their girlfriends:

The Saddlebrook crew: The one on the far right is the lady who keeps on beating me in races... that's why she is smiling so much in the pic.

Denise, her husband Pete and the kids (Nick and Gabriella - Adryana's "best friend")

The original "Renewal Rehab - Wesley Chapel crew": Jennifer (my 1st ever patient at Renewal Rehab) and April (my 1st crazy patient at Renewal Rehab). They became great friends during their rehab.. now they have taken up running, which is great. The ironic thing is that last year, it was Chris, myself, Suzie, Jennifer and April. I could not have imagined that this year we would have so many people and win the "big" award!!!