Saturday, February 2, 2008

2 weeks to go....

I have been trying to stay a lot more low key as I get prepared to run the Ft. Lauderdale Marathon. As incredible and emotional that the Disney Marathon was too me, it was obviously also disappointing from a time perspective on my finish. I still think that I have a much better marathon time in me, and I want to see what happens when attempting to do another race. I must say that my perspective on the marathon has changed and I realize that even with everything that happened at my last race, that I truly enjoy running and being part of the event even if it doesn't go my way. So this is what I will be doing in the next 2 weeks leading up to the event.
Sometime, between today and tomorrow, I will run 13 miles at around 8:00-8:30/mile. That will be my longest run until the day of the race. I will run 2 training runs in the week, and then I will run the Gasparilla 15k race next Saturday morning. For the 15k, I will not run it at my top speed... I will try to keep my times in the low 8 min/mile. I am actually going to treat it like a 9 mile tempo run.... the 1st mile fairly slow, then the next 7 miles at a high 7 minute/mile pace. Should be a fun race, and I've never done a 15k race before, so we will see how it goes. I will take the next week easy as we lead up to the race.
I have decided that I will pace with Chris during the Ft. Lauderdale marathon. Because of me screwing up his marathon, I know that his main goal is to try to run a sub 4 hour marathon, like myself... but are speeds are a little different, so in a race we usually don't run together. I know with us running together, it will make the experience of the marathon more enjoyable because we will be able to encourage each other throughout the race. But for sure, this time, if anything happens to me, I've already told him....GO!!!!!! I'm a veteran now at imploding at races, so it's all good... I realize there will always be another day to run, and I'm thankful that my body allows me to run, so it's no biggie, right? My dad is ridiculously pumped up for the race also, as he just ran 10 miles this morning as he starts to taper for his half-marathon.
Two of my patients, will have their husbands running the Ft. Lauderdale marathon also. I'm not sure if Chris and I will pace with them or not.... their goal is a 4 hour marathon too, but I'm not too sure on their strategy to complete a 4 hour race. Chris and I have our little thing in place already, so we will see.
Ok... hope you all have a great weekend, and enjoy the Super Bowl tomorrow.
Greg's prediction: Patriots 38 Giants 30.

Patriots 19-0.... ugh!!!!