Sunday, December 9, 2007

I'm Baaack!!!!!

One word can describe how I'm feeling right now.... Exhausted!!!! Why does it work like that? You go on vacation, and you feel more exhausted than before you left. Oh well, I feel very blessed that I was able to go away for that long and enjoy being with family and friends. As I was driving back to Tampa today from Ft. Lauderdale, I looked around and realized how blessed we all are to live in this beautiful country. We have so many priveleges and luxuries that we take for granted, so I just had to take a moment to reflect on things...
I also don't want to take for granted the good people that I work with. Everything went well at work while I was away, and its because the people I work with care so much, and I'm just so appreciative of them. Chris, Cheryl and Denise are the best... great friends and co-workers, can't beat it!!!
Perhaps the most disappointing news I heard from any of my co-workers was today when Chris gave me a review of his longest training run, which he completed today... a 22 mile run in Seven Oaks....
Good news is that he finished it (and he finished it in a very respectable time).
Bad news is he told me that it was quite uncomfortable...actually he used the words "downright painful" to describe the last 3 miles. Chris and I, are more or less at around the same fitness levels, so usually what he feels with running, I feel about the same..... so I'm a little worried. Excited and anxious may be better words to use. We usually do all of these long runs together, so maybe its going to be worse for the both of us, because there is no encouragement going on while we are out there. Because I just got back in town, I have decided to attempt this 22 miler Tuesday morning, (also, my (L) knee was acting up just a little bit yesterday). So an extra day or two before the run can only help.

P.S. Now that I'm back, I plan on blogging at least 1x/week about common injuries that happen during strength training and/or running. Many of you from the website have been sending me private messages about your injuries and I have, for the most part, been answering your questions on an individual basis. I will decide what injury/topic gets discussed, based on what people are dealing with the most during the current week.