Saturday, July 11, 2009

Taper time

Ahh!! I have 2 weeks until my race in San Francisco....and I'm getting excited. I feel good about everything leading up to this race. The only bad thing is that because I was trying to pack in all of my runs in last week so I could have the whole weekend off, I aggravated my right booty!! More specifically, my right ischial tuberosity is a little inflamed at the hamstring insertion. So this week, I tested it out a bit, and never had any problems with my runs, but I still felt it after every run. Wednesday, an orthopedic surgeon that works next to one of our clinics, examined my hip during our lunch breaks, and said that everything is fine..just a little tendonitis and I tested out fine.
So Thursday, I had a kick ass run, with no pain, but still a little soreness after the run. I ran faster than I ever have in less than ideal conditions, so my confidence is pretty high going into this race. So high, that I decided to skip my weekend run since we left for Georgia this morning, and felt like it would be safer to rest up instead of pushing it. So a measley 30 miles for the week, and I probably won't have any time to run at all until Tuesday...but its all good. No worries on my end...just can't eat too much chicken and ribs, ya know??

But obviously, there are still a lot of unpredictable things about the race. I don't know how bad those San Francisco hills are gonna beat me up and slow me down...not sure how much better I'm gonna feel running in weather 20 degrees cooler than what I am used to. Just wait and see, right?
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