Saturday, December 29, 2007

2 weeks away...

Wow... I guess time flies when you're having fun.... Only 2 weeks away till the Disney Marathon. Feel good, but my body is a little achy from my run this morning. I ran 13 miles around my old neighborhood and I tried to run pretty hard, but I had a few obstacles along the way. First of all, I had to take a potty break at mile 5-6(luckily I knew that area very well, and I went into a fitness center I used to work at...could have been a problem if there was no bathroom around!!!) It was extremely hot also (at least it seemed to be) and after my bathroom break and the sun coming up, I just couldn't push it as much as I wanted to. But it's all good... at this point I'm just happy that my (R) ankle is feeling pretty good. Chris told me he ran this morning also, and did 10 miles at pretty strong pace (8:30/mile). It seems like he is peaking at the right time!!! Since I've been down here, it looks like I have recruited a few more people in my family to start runnning....let's see how that goes... I'm excited for them, and will try to help them in any way possible!!!
Okay we will chat later!!!!

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