Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Run on feel

As much as I love gadgets, such as the Garmin Forerunner 405, I think sometimes you really lose your ability to just run off of feel. Sometimes I fall into the habit of not listening to my body, and I become a slave to all the data that the watch shows. Am I in the right pace zone?? HR to high?? HR to low?? It's just too much information sometimes to take in!!! This morning I set out to run at 4:30 am, and in a way, it was a blessing in disguise because I could not see my watch due to it being so dark. So after a 2 mile warm up, I started to run at a comfortably hard (if that makes any sense) pace. I did look down on my watch in the beginning and saw that I was running at a 7:05/mile pace, and after that I did not look at my watch again. I just wanted to run off of "feel", not worrying about what the watch stated. At the end of the run, I felt like I should have felt... worked hard, but not absolutely wasted!!! Once I got home and looked at my stats, I was within 6 sec/mile for each mile, which was great!! I'm happy about that. It is now 11:00 am, I have seen about 6 patients so far, and my body feels really good. I hope I don't crash after lunch or anything. Still got a full day of work left before I go home.

I must admit that it was pretty desolate as I was out on the roads at 4:30 running... and it made me think... is this too crazy to be out this early? Well, I went on RW forums for the Chicago Marathon, and there has been over 14 people so far this morning that have posted information re: their runs.... 8 of them started at 4:30 or earlier... misery loves company!!!!
Click here to see my run. Have a great day!!!!

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Kerry said...

Yes 4:30am is alot too crazy! I'm glad you are such a dedicated runner and I am extremely proud of you. The 4:30 hour makes me nervous so please be careful. From your worried wifey.