Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My stats....

I was just loading my workout that I did earlier today on my computer, and I was able to look at some interesting stats about my running since I got the Garmin Forerunner 305 watch in November. It showed me the totals of all of my running since I initially loaded my 1st workout on this watch.... so here are some of my stats.....

From November 1st - April 15th

Miles run: 564

Calories burned: 78,297

Total Time that I have run: 82.34 hours

It seems as though that is a lot when you think about it.... but I know some folks on Runners World Forum that have put in over 1100 miles in 2008 alone.... freakish!!! Its kinda crazy to think that I have put in over 2 full work weeks of running since then. Well, IMO it has been over 80 hours of good times (except for about 2 hours at Disney, where I was like...what the heck is going on?)
So as for this week.... good week of running for me.... I was able to do close to 8 miles on Tuesday (with 3 miles of intervals) I was able to do those fast miles in around 6:45 per mile avg. The last mile was extremely tough because I was going into the wind, and I felt like I couldn't move.... I think I did it in around 6:55. Felt like 15:55. So here it is...
Map of Ivy Lake Intervals

This morning, I ran a Ivy Lake Tempo Run, but it was my longest mileage I have ever done for a tempo. I only ran 4 of the miles hard, but I ran 5 miles for warming up and cooling down, for a total of 9 miles. At the end of my 4th hard mile, I felt like something was irritating the arch of my foot... It actually felt like a pebble or something was in my shoe..... or I was developing arch pain. Anyways, once the last mile was completed, I stopped and took off my shoe and wiggled around my foot and shaked whatever might have been in my shoe out. Once I put the shoe back on, I didn't feel anything anymore. So, after 2 more miles of easy running, I was at my house....stretching and cooling down. This time, I worked my way into the hard tempo miles and didn't push it nearly as much as what I did last week, and I felt so much better. My body felt great after the run, and continues to feel good now. Tomorrow, I am scheduled to run around 8 miles, then I will take off Saturday. Sunday, I will probably run around 12 miles before church....maybe at a new place just to change it up a bit...who knows???

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