Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Getting back to race form....

Great Run this weekend for me!!!! It capped of my highest mileage week ever at just under 38 miles. The good news is that my body feels great. I feel as though I can get my body to do close to 50 miles per week, if I gradually build myself up to that level... slowly and carefully. I was able to put in 4 miles on Saturday Ivy Lake Easy Run and 12 miles on Sunday before church (Ivy Lake Long Run). I have never attempted to run back to back days with so much mileage, but I believe the key is that I was running fairly slow and controlled. It's amazing how your body bounces back so quickly when you put in low intensity with mileage.
Today, I ran a little less than 8 miles, with approx. 3 of those miles really fast. It is the first time I have done speedwork in over 2 months... and it showed... it was a struggle for me to keep the times that I used to keep when I was training for Disney. Did I say it was hard? It was good to get a gauge on where I am at, and what I should shoot for when I do the Draft Day Dash at the end of this month. I think my goal should be to get under 21:00, which would be about 6:45/mile. I initially thought I might be able to do 20:30, but after today I realized that there is no way I would be able to come close to pulling that off. If everything goes great....I could do under 21 minutes, which would be 2 minutes faster than what I did last year.... that would be awesome!!! So here is the run from this morning.

Map of Ivy Lake Intervals

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