Saturday, March 15, 2008

Good news... bad news....

I ran for the 1st time this week... and I got some good news... and some bad news...
Bad news first... My knee started to bother me at the 2.5 mile mark. It didn't bother me a lot, but it didn't feel like my other side, so instead of doing 8 miles, I only did 5 miles.
Good news... as I ran faster, it completely stopped bothering me, and more importantly, I started to run really fast, and I could tell that I haven't lost any of my conditioning. I was able to run at a 6:30/mile pace for 1 1/2 miles, which makes me think that even though I am mostly doing the bike as of late, my body is still making improvements. So overall I'm pretty happy... have to try to think what I want to do next week with running... let me see first if there is any residual soreness tomorrow. But no problem... I will continue to do the bike if needed.
Everything else is going well. I am very excited about the response we have gotten over the May Classic 5k in May. I think we have about 20 people signed up so far, so thanks to all that have committed to doing the race. It should be a fun day.

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