Sunday, February 24, 2008

Where's the next race?

Map of Ft. Lauderdale Marathon If you click on this map, it will show you all of my splits for the race.
I am still working on gathering pictures from last weekend's race. Everybody had their own digital camera, and I am still waiting to have people download pics to me. I can tell you this though... nothing will top the pictures that were done by the marathon photographers... I really had too much fun with it... so here are a few links to them. These photos are your typical ones during the race and post race. This photo is the most special to me, because it's of me and my dad... his 1st half-marathon (or race of any matter). He did great... 2 hours 21 minutes... unbelievable!!!This photo tops them all... as I said, I had a lot of time on my hands, so I had fun for the cameras. This was my second favorite.... who said marathons aren't a lot of fun? This photo shows off my modeling potential.... or lack thereof...but it has a nice background of the ocean. Ok, more will come, but trust me.... they don't top these. Now I have to decide which of these I should buy and put up in the clinic... so my patients can laugh at me on a daily basis!!!!

Ok, so let's get back to business... I have decided where I want to run my next marathon... I'm going to do the Chicago Marathon. I have decided on this because it doesn't interfere with my son's birthday at the end of the month, and it is one of the big ones... put it like this... Disney, which was overwhelming, had their biggest registration ever with 18,000 participants... Chicago???? Try 45,000 racers and 1.5 million spectators throughout the course... whoa!!!! I gotta check this out!!!! So, I reserved my hotel and I'm in...

Why is it that I always have a race planned to do? Well, it keeps me focused... motivated and driven to keep myself in shape. That's why it is imperative that I always have multiple races that are in the near future, so I know that I won't slack off. So this is a general idea of what I will be doing from now until October 12th... God willing....

My next race will be at the End of April at the Draft Day Dash at Raymond James Stadium - 5k - The time I do in this race will give me a good idea of what my different paces should be as I get ready to start my marathon training for Chicago in June.

The following week, we will participate in the May Classic 5k, which has now become tradition for us at Renewal Rehab to participate in. Not running that one very competitively.

Maybe somewhere during my training for Chicago, I can do a tune-up race, but don't know how much will be available out there as it is in the midst of summer that this will be happening. Not too many races available.

BTW, I did run this weekend.... here it is... Ivy Lake Easy Run

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Tom said...

Hi Greg

Good luck getting ready for Chicago Marathon. It's my favorite and I've run it many times. Let me know if I can offer any information or encouragement.

Keep up your good running and posting!