Thursday, February 14, 2008

Fit 2 Complete

I am so pumped up and excited to tell you all about a new program that we will be starting at Renewal Rehab. If you go to our website , you will need to click on the Fit2Complete tab. So let me tell you a little about the program.....
We wanted to start a program that would assist those of you that would love to participate in a running event of some sort (preferably a half/full marathon). So what we have done is created a program called Fit2Complete. With this program, we will give those that are interested in acheiving the goal of running a major race, a full program taking you from the couch to runnning, walking, or run/walk a half-marathon and/or marathon. We are trying to convince our patients to sign up for the 2009 Disney Marathon, which will be in January of next year. It gives us plenty of time to get you conditioned to have a great race and more importantly a great time. From now until January, we will have organized races that we, as a group will participate in, to keep our interest levels high, and to slowly get prepared for achieving the highest of goals, which is completing a half or full marathon. I want you to realize that the program is called Fit2Complete. It is not called fit2walk or fit2run.... we don't care which one you do, we just want everyone to complete the race. We will give everyone the appropriate program to assist them in achieving their goals. We are prepared to have people that have never run a day in their life, and people that have done some recreational walking and/or jogging in their past.
What we would like for you to do in return for us setting you up on a run/walk program, is to help us raise funds for my neighbor, Zackary Rozmeski. As most of you know, he is a very funny, happy and most importantly courageous 6 year old that is battling leukemia. When I meet with each individual, and give you your program, I will also give you a pledge sheet, that you can give to family, co-workers, friends, etc. and ask them for pledges that we would give for Zack's fund. There is no amount that you are required to raise, we just ask that you try.
The other neat thing that we will have is a discussion forum. This will allow everyone that is part of the program to have a forum that they can use to ask our therapists and trainers at Renewal Rehab and other fellow runners that are training in the Fit2Complete program questions about training, injuries and other pertinent questions, to assist you in achieving your goals of completing your training. This has the potential to be very fun and extremely rewarding for you. Upon us meeting for the 1st time, we will get into extreme detail about your program, and how you will build yourself up to be able to participate in a 3x/week run/walk program that will get you ready for participating in a half/full marathon.
What do you think?
For those that are interested you can either email me, post a comment on the blog, or call our office. For that information go to the clinic's website.
Lastly, Happy Valentines Day!!!! Make sure you hug and kiss your loved ones.

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