Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Exciting Times!!!!

Yesterday marked the official start of Zumba in a our Wesley Chapel clinic!!!! What’s Zumba??? It’s a really fun aerobic based dance class, based on Latin music. About 8 months ago, my wife told me that she wanted to do a Zumba class after taking our daughter to one of her dance classes. Next door to my daughter’s class was a group of people doing a Zumba class. The next time I dropped my daughter off to her class, the Zumba class caught my eye…. A few months later I got to try a sample of Zumba through an instructor and I loved it, and we now have Zumba in our center… exciting!!! Unfortunately, I caught the tail end of the class, as I was finishing up consults for my fitness/weight loss clients. My wife and I have decided that she will get to go to the classes for the most part and I will watch the kids, because she has always wanted to do Zumba, and I already have a “habit” (my running, that is). I think that’s fair… so no problems on my end. Speaking of running, Monday night, Chris and I were in the clinic talking to one of our patients about the marathon experience that we had, and by the end of the conversation, we almost had her convinced to start training for one…. So I was thinking……. Who wants to do this???? No, I’m serious…. Who wants to train for a ½ or full marathon? I think it would be incredible to have a group of people train together to run, walk, and/or run/walk a marathon. What a great experience that would be for all of us. So, I already know what some of you are saying…. You’re nuts!!!! And I probably am, but after last Sunday, I am truly convinced that anyone (barring serious injury to the lower body) can complete a marathon. My goal is to find 15 people that would be willing to attempt to train and complete a distance race…. Notice I said complete, not win!!! This is just to have the experience of conquering such a momentous accomplishment. It would be a great way to commit to a goal that would challenge you, but a goal that would be attainable because of the time that we have before completing the race. I would probably pick Disney as the race of choice, because of the magnitude of it, and proximity. After experiencing the excitement of the Disney Marathon, Kerry has committed to participating in the ½ marathon next year, and my Dad is deciding on whether or not he is going to try to do the full or ½ (by the way, he is doing his 1st ½ marathon in 3 weeks!!!) One of my cousins, who is currently on our Therafit program, has commited to doing the ½ marathon also…see… we are almost there!!!! C’mon!!! Take a little risk and go for it…

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