Saturday, December 1, 2007

We're Here!!!

Wow!!! I guess I have a lot to cover. The last time I blogged, I was in Tampa getting ready to leave for Ft. Lauderdale. I guess I will pick it up from there. Ft. Lauderdale turned into a longer than expected trip, due to heavy traffic (over 6 hours,and it usually takes us 4). Due to us getting in past 10 pm, and being completely exhausted, I was not able to run on Wednesday. Thursday at 5 am was my running time, and it didn't go as planned. Two huge dogs started to chase me, but luckily as one of the dogs were coming after me, the owner yelled to him and he obeyed. I freaked out, so I decided to work my way back to my in-laws. On the way back, my (R) foot started to hurt, so I walked the rest of the way back (yes, physical therapists actually get hurt). When I limped back to my in-laws, I got the kids ready and we were off the airport. Flight was great and we actually arrived 5 min. early (which is very shocking that anything affiliated with Jamaica is on time). Our trip from the airport to our hotel was 2 hours. When we get here, the first thing I noticed was the different groups that were here to race the marathon. Joints in Motion, The African Leukemia Society, etc.... and they were easy to pick out due to them wearing badges displaying who they were affiliated with. Again, the beauty of these races is the you can't pick out a runner based on an individuals age, size, shape, gender or color. Since being here I've met many runners from Florida and other parts of the USA, Canada, Slovenia, Belgium, Africa, Norway, and Denmark.
Fast Forward to yesterday, one of my little ones has a pretty bad fever and has been sick since our first day. Yesterday was awful for him and last night, Kerry and I probably slept 1-2 hours combined, as we were up with him as he cried and vomited throghout the night. Didn't have to be nervous about the race, as more important things took center stage. So with that said, I didn't need an alarm for my 4 am rise. Kerry always gets nervous about me racing, and was even more nervous, because she didn't want bad things to happen to both me and Arjay. She prayed for me before I left the room and I was on my way!!!

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